Enclosures and Armors
for the Private Sector

ATMs are very easy targets for street criminals around the world.
The success rate linked to attacks on ATMs is very high, mainly due to their simplicity, lack of protection and the large amount of money that is held inside an ATM on a permanent basis.
Thanks to ATM Protection Solutions these worries are a thing of the past!
We can promise you quiet nights, without worries about the cash stored in your ATMs as, with our enclosures, your ATMs will make the criminals think multiple times before trying to attack them.
Furthermore, our enclosures finally permit the owners of private ATMs to install them outdoors, while being protected against vandalism and crime. Based on statistics, ATMs based outdoors account for 30-50% additional revenues compared to indoor ATMs.
The designs of our enclosures create ATMs that are not just bare machines, but nice, elegant and high-class pieces of street furniture that blend well into the environment and to which the customers will be attracted.
We can also add commercial advertising to the enclosures, as well as into the main screen of the ATM, transforming them into marketing tools and giving ATM owners a potential source of additional revenue.


ATM armor shields

Protective ATM Booth

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“Criminals do not rest at night, neither are we,
you can sleep peacefully knowing that your money is safe.”

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