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We live in a futuristic reality and technology dominates everything.
now ATMs also provide innovative and interesting features that brings the field
to the next level, and we are in the front.
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The most secure armor available in the market,
which uses special materials and creates the ultimate protection,
for durability against any street robbery attempts.
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The ATMs are designed by industrial design teams
that fit the visibility into the environment
and turn aggressive iron machines
into a prestigious street furniture.
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ATM Protection Solutions has been protecting ATMs around Israel since 2012.
In just 5 years since its inception, ATM Protection Solutions has managed to secure more than 20% of all ATM’s nationwide.
In the ATM industry, ATM Protection Solutions is known for creating the ultimate security solutions and delivering
the best quality ATM shields in the Middle East.
At ATM Protection Solutions we believe that you should not have to sacrifice appearance for functionality. We are committed to delivering high-quality, sleek outdoor and indoor shielding solutions that protect your ATMs from fraudulent activity and simultaneously invite your clients to withdraw money.


ATM Protection aims to provide peace of mind to customers and marketing advantage with advanced and innovative protection, both at the material and technology levels, and to create a safety net for capital managers and banks.
In addition, the design of the large metal box is aesthetic and increases the curb appeal of the bank.
ATM Protection is investing in research and development to solve problems known problems and future problems, and is always a few steps ahead, ahead of the criminals, and being ahead means you can rest assured.


ATM Protection has been in existence for seven years and has a proven track record and recommendations from large banks and private companies.
The company’s staff includes military personal with political security, intelligence, and secret security background.
All this knowledge is used to develop the ultimate solution.
Each aspect is thoroughly tested by materials engineers, industrial designers, draftsmen, locksmiths and professionals who understand the terrain better than anyone.

“Criminals do not rest at night, neither are we,
you can sleep peacefully knowing that your money is safe.”

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