Shields and products
for the Banking Sector

ATMs are very easy targets for street criminals around the world.
The success rate linked to attacks on ATMs is very high, mainly due to their simplicity,
lack of protection and the large amount of money held inside an ATM on a consistent basis.
Banks have suffered considerable losses, sometimes even on a weekly basis, just because their ATMs stand “naked”
and with ineffective anti-criminal protection levels.
Thanks to ATM Protection Solutions these worries are a thing of the past!
With our armors, your ATMs will have the highest levels of protection in the market and will make criminals think twice before trying to attack them.

Atm armors


High Impact Armor panels
for TTW Atm's​

Atm armors


High Impact Internal /
Lobby ATM Armors


Gas Attack Protection System

The gas attack protection system is the most technologically advanced detection and prevention solution available globally to protect your ATM's against gas attacks.

Anti Penetration Bullet proof Safe Room Modular panels

Tailored exactly for your needs.
For all applications:
- Cash counting rooms
- ATM rooms
- Front wall of TTW ATM's
- Weapon rooms
- Control & Command rooms
- Computer rooms

Black Box attack protection

Our system detects the first sign of a potential breach and then shuts down the ATM, preventing cash from being dispensed.
The system also sends an alarm signal notifying the monitoring centre of the activity.

ANTI - RAM RAID anchor

ATM Anti - Ram Raid Plinth offers tamper proof visual and physical protection readily available for all makes and models of ATMs

ANTI - RAM RAID plinth

the ULTIMATE and most cost-effective protection solution designed to stop ram raid attackers removing ATMs

“Criminals do not rest at night, neither are we,
you can sleep peacefully knowing that your money is safe.”

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